Sidas Walk Traction Grip Mat Schuhzubehor

The Walk Traction from Sidas are the perfect accessory for any mountain trip.

These shoe covers give you perfect protection on snow and ice.

-Non-slip pad

-Suitable for hiking

-Limits: -20 degrees C / -20 degrees C

-Steel Spikes

-Anatomically shaped

-Very flexible

-Provides optimum protection on snow and ice

Brand: Sidas

Sidas Walk Traction Grip Snow And Ice

Grip snow and ice. The best way to walk safely on snow and frozen ground. Anti glisse neige et glace. Une sécurité optimale pour la

Yaktrax Walk Traction Cleats for Walking on Snow and Ice

Yaktrax Walk Traction Cleats for Walking on Snow and Ice

  1. A highly elastic outer band and a tab on the heel help the cleats slip easily on and off of shoes, making Walk Traction Cleats perfect for pedestrians, professionals and the elderly.
  2. The shaped edge of the coils provide 360 degrees of traction on cold surfaces for all-direction stability.
  3. Yaktrax Walk Traction Cleats are tested safe from breakage in temperatures as low as -41 degrees F.
  4. For oversized shoes or boots, Yaktrax recommends purchasing one size larger than your normal shoe size.
  5. I have had these for about a week and have put 10 or so miles on in quite icy conditions.
  6. I walk my dogs on trails that get very icy and have to skip many days due to ice.
  7. Today I trialled them on the hills of our trails which are steep and I have to normally go off the trail so I can stay upright.
  8. Today walked down center of trail and did not slip even once nor did I ever feel insecure.
  9. Last week we had a freezing drizzle which coated a parking lot and I trialled them on it and had the same results.
  10. Even if they break after one season, I'll get another pair.
  11. I've had them less than a month, have worn them for maybe a total of a week, and one of the rubber straps broke.
  12. I didn't expect them to last more than a season, but I did expect they would last longer than this.
  13. These are fine for my boots, but are too big for my regular shoes.
  14. I received these on a Monday and wore them after a weekend storm.
  15. By Thursday, one of the rubber pieces broke off during a walk.
  16. I repaired that with Velcro, and then the metal gripper broke off on the other one -- which i noticed when i almost took a tumble on the ice.
  17. Then after maybe 12 hours of moderate use in the snow and ice they fell apart.
  18. When the postal carrier came this morning she was wearing Yaktrax.
  19. I asked her about her experience and it was similar to mine.
  20. Apparently they received a large box of these thing so they could walk their postal routes.
  21. She's gone through several pairs in three weeks and other postal carriers at her station are having the same issues with them.
  22. Granted that's on the high end of usage for these things.
  23. Not sure, but whatever they are sending does not hold up well.
  24. They allow me to keep pace with my dog with little concern about losing my balance or falling.
  25. They work very well with cleated boots, but I recommend against using them with flat-soled footwear.
  26. They will roll under flat soles when you walk on concrete or other hard surfaces.
  27. Outdoors, the steel coils work very well on all but smooth black ice.
  28. On black ice they may let you slip but they still provide a lot of traction that otherwise wouldn't exist.
  29. You should not wear them if you have wood or laminate floors on your way to the door; the coils could scrape those up.
  30. No problem on carpets unless the coils are broken, in which case they'll catch threads and ruin carpet.
  31. So I recommend them highly but suggest using only with lugged or cleated soles, and replace them quickly if the coils break.
  32. Made it possible for me to walk all winter long without worrying about slipping.
  33. But still be very careful when walking where there are icy walking conditions.

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STABILicers Walk Traction Ice Cleat and Tread for Snow & Ice, 1 pair

STABILicers Walk Traction Ice Cleat and Tread for Snow & Ice, 1 pair

  1. The multi-directional cleats allow you to stride easily while providing traction on ice and snow-covered pavement and gravel.
  2. STRETCH-TO-FIT: The Walk utilizes a tension fit system to fasten securely on any shoe.
  3. Keep in mind the Walk may look smaller than your actual shoe size, but are designed to stretch considerably to fit appropriately over your shoes or boots.
  4. EASY WEAR AND LIGHTWEIGHT: STABIL’s proprietary Thermo Plastic Elastomer (TPE) provides a fl exible, lightweight, all-day traction solution.
  5. They fit easily and securely over your own shoes or boots and fold small enough to keep in a pack, purse or in your car.
  6. REDUCE INJURY: Tested to remain flexible to -45 degrees F, full-sole coverage with cleats on heel and forefoot maintain traction through your normal stride.
  7. Aggressive cleats and treads prevent slips and falls on ice, snow, and wet pavement.
  8. Made In USA: Designed and manufactured in the USA to the highest quality and performance standards, the Walk offer a secure fit for shoes and boots and are easy to pull on and remove.
  9. Dependability when you need it most, designed for years of use.
  10. Go about your day, no matter the conditions, with easy-to-use Stabilicers Walk.
  11. These industrial-strength traction-aids are built to stand up to hard use, saving money while preventing injuries.
  12. Everyday chores like walking the dog or shoveling the driveway become much safer and more enjoyable.
  13. No matter what the environment has in store for you, STABIL will never let you down.
  14. I have no idea what size shoe the small I ordered would fit but it is not as shown.
  15. The attached photo is shown with the Medium Stabilicer stretched across bottom of shoe with the shoes original size label shown.
  16. I tried starting first from the heel and the toe but neither would stretch far enough that the product would not be damaged in doing so.
  17. I do plan to reorder but this time it will only be one item (L or XL) so I can first test it for size.
  18. These do not get caught on metal stairs, are not slippery on pavement/sidewalks (icy or not), stay on better than most (and if they do come off the bright blue makes them easy to locate, avoid black!!), and are some of the easiest to take on and off.
  19. The sole of the Stablicers is rubber, but does not stretch longer.
  20. Note I am not even trying to put them on boots, just regular street shoes, so I can't imagine how bad the fit would be if I was trying to put them on boots.
  21. We regularly got severe ice storms and all our roads were quite hilly, so for 10 years, all 180 of us tried every type of ice cleats we could find, from very expensive professional quality crampons designed for glacier climbing, to very low budget ones.
  22. As a result, we became very familiar with the quality and durability of the different types of rubber used in ice cleats.
  23. Every single type we tried failed for one reason or the other, but the most frequent type of structural failure was due to flimsy rubber.
  24. We finally discovered a brand of very low-budget cleat that claimed to use the same military-grade rubber used in tank treads.
  25. Those cleats lasted for years and were very effective--the rubber never broke, even under extremely demanding, long term use.
  26. They appear to be these: "Eagle Claw Ice Ease-On Cleats".
  27. Unfortunately, as soon as I stretched the rubber of the Stabilicers, my heart sank because the sides were so extremely flimsy, just like all the other rubber cleats we had tried over the years.
  28. I wouldn't trust these cleats to last a full winter unless you treated them as delicately as if they were on the verge of breaking at any moment.
  29. However, given the extremely poor fit, I think the sides would need to be stretched much more than they can handle in order to actually fit on the shoe.
  30. Blood, tears, and curses everywhere, arms flailing like an inflatable tube-man :(.
  31. I am using the medium size Stabilicers and they fit snugly.
  32. Have to stretch the Stabilicers a little, but its fine.
  33. Will update this review once I test this on an icy pavement, but i'm sure these will do well.
  34. These fit really well on my shoes (pictured), and not once did these come off.
  35. One issue though: it makes a lot of noise when walking on any type of interior flooring, like horse-shoes.
  36. But these are easy to remove and put on, so not really a big issue.
  37. We have had another round of snow these past few days and I haven't slipped yet.
  38. BUT the noise these things make on dry pavement/rocks/any dry surface is REALLY annoying.
  39. On my way to my office, 90% of the pavement is dry and the Stabilicers make a lot of noise on it.
  40. But the 10% ice covered pavements make it worth wearing these.
  41. Bought a pair for myself and my hubby - small for me (I wear a size 7 lightweight hiking shoe) and XL for him (he wears size 13 hiking boot).
  42. Wore this for the first time on a hike to Mt Baden Powell in the Angeles National Foprest on Thanksgiving.
  43. There was compacted ice on the trail and we walked on 2 patches very unsteadily until I popped these babies on.
  44. Once they were on, walking on the ice and slush was like regular walking - I felt totally confident.
  45. Because of the rubber and low profile spikes, they are flexible enough to pop into a ziploc baggy and thrown into the backpack.
  46. Depending on what kind of shoe/boot you will wear with them, the size needed will change.
  47. The size chart reflects use with normal street or light hiking shoes.
  48. If you will be wearing "treadier" boots or winter boots you will likely want to buy a size larger.
  49. They fit my size 8 flats that are the size of my feet but not my size 8 sneakers.
  50. Haven't used them much since purchasing but they seem well-made.

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