Sinner Synergy Women

The Sinner Synergy is ideal for a womans face. The frame is smaller than most other goggles and therefore fits perfectly. Equipped with a double lens with anti-fog coating to prevent. Condensation on the lens The curved shape of the window is your vision enlarged so you can see what is happening around you well. Because the contrast-enhancing lens works, you can see every bump on the track. The Synergy is excellent to wear the adjustable strap and outrigger positioning system. Wearing a helmet The soft face foam makes for a great comfort while keeping the elements out. Properties of the Sinner Synergy: – Ladies Model – Double lens – High-performance lens with anti-fog coating – Spherical lens for wider field of view – Increasing Contrast – 100% UVA / B / C protection – Outrigger Positioning System – Easily adjustable strap – Super soft face foam anti-allergic material – Perfect for use in combination with helmet
synergy women

Brand Name: Sinner

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