Sklz Reaction Ball

SKLZ Reaction Ball

Improve your reflexes and by training with the SKLZ Reaction Ball. Eye-hand coordination The design with the six surfaces made ​​of rubber with a high bounce value will demand the utmost of concentration and reactiesnelheid.Train solo or in a team. The ball can be used on any hard surface, whether the floor or a wall.
Features: -By rubber used and the 6 faces of the ball will jump to a random direction.
Can be used on all hard surfaces, both the wall and the vloer. – Perfect for any sport where responsiveness is important is. – Can either alone or in a team are gebruikt. – recommended from the age of 6 years and older.
SKLZ Reaction
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SKLZ Reaction

SKLZ Reaction Ball – Baseball Agility Trainer

sklz reaction ball
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