Sklz Speed ​​Parachute

SKLZ Speed ​​Parachute

Faster and more explosive sprinting train with resistance. The Speed ​​Chute is the way to improve your performance. Progressive resistance The Speed ​​Parachute trainer allows you through resistance training to pull faster sprints and raise you. Maximum speed Using the speed parachute ensures that you can make so that you will increase. Maximum speed fast faster, more powerful and longer fit The SKLZ Speed ​​Chute has a quick-release system so you can activeren.Wanneer you start running the parachute in the middle of a sprint, the chute unfold, it provides a variable resistance of about 7.5 to 15 pounds. The faster you run, the greater will be the resistance. The speed parachute can be used in very many ways to train. As sport specific as possible The most common form of training is obviously sprinting in a straight line, but you can also sprint to change direction, so you get to more sport specific movements.
SKLZ Speed
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