Skullcandy Uprock On-Ear Headphone Teal / Light Gray

Skullcandy Uprock On Ear Headphone Teal / Light Gray

The turkisen headphones are an absolute eye-catcher.

And not only optically, the Uprock have a lot to offer: on the tangle-free cable of Skullcandy Uprock is a remote control, with which you can accept phone calls or jump to the next track.

The Skullcandy Uprock are on-ear headphones made of rugged materials with soft-touch finish.

The adjustable headband adapts to your head shape and the ear cushions are double-layered for maximum comfort.

Thanks to Supreme Sound technology you get rich bass and crystal clear vocals on the ears.
-On-Ear Headphone
-Adjustable headband
-Two-ply earpads
-Cable without tangling
-Remote control
-Supreme Sound
-Width: about 14 cm
-Height: approx. 16 cm
-Driver: 40 mm
-Impedance: 32 ohms -Weight without cable: 120 g

Skullcandy Unisex Uprock Mic’d Real Tree Camo/Dark Tan Headphones

Skullcandy Unisex Uprock Mic'd Real Tree Camo/Dark Tan Headphones
  1. Supreme Sound drivers pump attacking bass and precision highs straight to your dome, while the cushy ear pillows keep you comfortable for hours of listening pleasure.
  2. The Camo styling is very different than anyone else I see and sets me apart from the crowd.
  3. The audio is amazing and I am still amazed at the levels of bass I get.
  4. Of course when a particularly great bass track hits I have to smile and maybe giggle at the response and lows it can reproduce.
  5. The quality is great and you can feel it when you first put them on.
  6. The flat cord has a high quality texture to it and the mic/button has held up to my abuse that usually breaks such things in a month.
  7. I did not write this review immediately because I wanted to give the headphones a proper review and I must say I have not gone a day since without using them.
  8. Thanks for the amazing deal and such great headphones for the money!<
  9. He says “They are the best!” But at 9, he really has not been exposed to much.
  10. I however have had many different styles and brands of headphones and when I tried these out they were actually pretty good.
  11. Granted they don’t compare to my more expensive sets and they are not wireless.
  12. The camo version that I let him pick are pretty cool, so he says.
  13. Now its scratchy sounding and you have to a line them just right to get them to work.
  14. They do sound really good though and seem like great quality.
  15. We do have another pair that we haven’t had any issues with.
  16. They have a decent enough sound for his taste and for the price point.
  17. They sound great, and cost a quarter of the price of the Beats.
Buy here $21.94

Skullcandy Uprock (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

Skullcandy Uprock (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
  1. Twin 40mm drivers crank full spectrum sound.Features: .
  2. Before I ordered these (2nd pair) and another pair (2nd pair) for me, I went to the office supply store and bought the clips used to bind stacks of paper too large for a paper clip.
  3. Now my son gently winds the cord and clips it to his shirt at the length he wants, which is what I will do too.
  4. Look, these headphones are flipping awesome, they feel good, look good and sound excellent, so to me, a little annoyance is worth it.
  5. I was sold on skullcandy products when I borrowed a roommates skullcady earbuds and ended up buying them from her.
  6. I don’t like my ears completely covered, and these are very nicely padded.
  7. The sound quality is extremely impressive, the microphone works fantastic, and the cord is durable.
  8. If you are looking for a good pair of on the ear Headphones these are a good choice for the the price and quality.
  9. I have a co-worker from the moment she comes in, till she leaves is non-stop yapping.
  10. I had ear buds, but I could still hear her relentless yapping.
  11. Finally decided for some over the ears and as usual, Skull Candy pulled through.
  12. I received them in the mail today, and they look amazing, even in the dull-looking army green, which I purchased(lowest price).
  13. Beats by Dr E aside)These headphones have sound quality like nothing I have ever heard from over-ears.
  14. Now, I used to have some cheap VMs that were okay, but broke easily.
  15. As I listen to classical music on them, everything sounds perfect and balanced.
  16. I bet I could listen for hours and they would still be comfortable.
  17. Yes, they are plastic like all the others, but, these feel thicker and seem like they would be less likely to break easily.
  18. All in all, if you are looking for over-ears, DO NOT MISS A DEAL LIKE THIS!
  19. These are Beats in disguise and at 1/4 the price or less.
  20. Both pairs (different models) had the wires inside the cord break near where the headphones plug into my phone.
  21. These particular headphones didn’t even make it a year.
  22. The only reason my rating isn’t lower is that the sound quality was great for the price and the fit was comfortable and didn’t fall of my head when I was working out.If you want a cheap pair of over the ear headphones and don’t mind that they aren’t very long lived, then these will work for you just fine.
  23. The cord is also a little funky, as its completely flat, which I find rather awkward.
  24. The sound quality is decent but nothing to write home about.
  25. They sound great, were inexpensive, and are very comfortable to wear for long periods of time.
  26. Sound escapes a little so don’t blast anything you don’t want your roommate to hear.
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Skullcandy Grind On Ear Headphones Review

Hey everyone, this is my review of the Skullcandy Grind headphones. These Skullcandys are not like their products of old, they

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