Smith Maze Snowboard Helmet E00634Z1K Matte Disruption

Smith Maze Snowboard Helmet E00634Z1K Matte Disruption Ski Snowboard Helmet

With camouflage you never do anything wrong! This color has been in vogue for years and that’s not going to change that fast.

The self-adjusting Lifestyle Fit System allows you to pull a cap under the Smith Maze helmet at will.

With the detachable eyeglass holder and detachable earpads you have the opportunity to customize your Smith helmet the way you liked it best.

For best entertainment in powder, the snowboard helmet can be upgraded with Skullcandy audio systems.

These are not included. The in-mold construction of the Smith snowboard helmet gives you maximum safety on the slopes, while the Airflow ventilation system ensures a pleasant climate in your activities. In a clean and minimalist design, the helmet is absolutely trendy.

-Snowboard helmet

-In-Mold Construction

-Airflow ventilation

-9 ventilation openings

-Lifestyle-Fit-System, self-adjusting

-AirEvac ventilation

-Removable goggle clip

-Removable ear pads

-Soft lining

-Can be retrofitted with the Skullcandy audio system

Size chart:

-S = 51-55 cm

-M = 55-59 cm

-L = 59-63 cm

-XL = 63-67 cm

Smith Optics Maze Bike MIPS Adult MTB Cycling Helmet

Smith Optics Maze Bike MIPS Adult MTB Cycling Helmet

  1. Smith innovations include the patented Regulator lens ventilation.
  2. Smith targets active people who are seriously into the hottest sports, such as snowboarding, free style skiing, surfing and mountain biking.
  3. Trendy, fashion conscious people with a strong sense of individuality.
  4. The Maze is the go-to helmet for clean, modern, minimalist design.
  5. Molded into the world’s lightest certified snow helmet.
  6. Some other Smith helmets like the Holt are a little big, but this is just right!<

Buy here $90.00 – $150.00

Smith Optics Maze Helmet

Smith Optics Maze Helmet

  1. Molded into the world’s lightest certified snow helmet.
  2. My son had a pretty bad snowboarding accident in the first one, and was knocked unconscious (briefly).
  3. They had to take him down the mountain on a ski patrol sled, then in an ambulance to the hospital.
  4. So yes, although he did suffer a concussion (hard not to when you land on your head), his head was well protected, and he recovered in a few days.
  5. What I didn’t know was that Smith Optics provides a 3 year crash warranty.
  6. I am eternally grateful that my son was wearing this helmet when he crashed, and pleasantly pleased to be able to trade it in for a replacement (without too much extra cost).
  7. The monster graphics are high quality with vibrant coloring.
  8. Comfort:
    There are limited venting options, but the helmet never seems to get too hot for me (YMMV).
  9. Some of the higher end helmets offer a slider to adjust the vents without taking off the helmet.
  10. This model has 3 internal velcro flaps to modify venting.
  11. I don’t mind taking off my helmet to change the venting.
  12. Overall the helmet is reasonably priced and comfortable.
  13. I don’t know how effective it is at its primary job of protecting my nugget.
  14. However the Giro that I used definitely had more vents and was cooler in hotter weather.
  15. This helmet is definitely the lightest snowboard helmet I have purchased.
  16. The point of a good helmet is to not know that it’s there while providing a level of safety.
  17. The plastic shell appears to be cast directly onto the foam (or the foam placed directly into the plastic shell) instead of being two separate pieces, making it very lightweight.
  18. Getting it adjusted is a bit more of a challenge, as the internal straps have 3 positions in some spots, and you think you might break the snaps as you pull them in and out.
  19. Just pull carefully and you’ll be fine, and there’s two pieces of foam padding you can adjust/remove in addition to the straps.
  20. Biggest issue is the goggle strap in the rear, which isn’t very secure compared to the snap-style ones I’m used to.
  21. Sure, it works 98% of the time, but it’s that 2% that makes me nervous.
  22. It also has customizable removable earmuffs and other stuff on the inside to help with the fit.
  23. Removable ear-warmers are great depending on how cold it gets on the mountain.
  24. It also has a clip on for goggles on the back, but there’s no button to keep goggles locked in place, which is the only downside to this helmet.
  25. My goggles slide around quite a bit when I’m not wearing them.
  26. It feels like a really sturdy light-weight helmet, but I can’t attest to how safe it is, since I’m fortunate to say I’ve never been in an accident or fallen badly enough to see how well it works.
  27. I usually wear a Large but I got an X-Large and it fits perfectly with a balaclava underneath.
  28. They improved the helmet, better fit, and I think even lighter than before.
  29. Only down side is that the goggle clip on the back fell off in the first day.
  30. I have an XL head, so it was hard for me to find a helmet that didn’t make my head look like a pumpkin.

Buy here $49.00 – $150.95

2018 Smith Maze Helmet Review Thehouse.Com

Clean, Modern, and uncomplicated, the Maze offers lightweight performance wrapped in an understated design. It is back for 2018


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