Smith Variance Snowboard Helmet Matte Reactor Green

Smith Variance snowboard helmet Matte Reactor Green Ski Snowboard Helmet

The ultralight Smith Variance ski helmet is the perfect protection for your head.

The Akitve Beluftungsmoglichkeit you can adjust your own climate, a fogged glasses are due to eyeglass ventilation deductions of the past.

The CE-certified Smith Variance helmet can be individually adjusted via the BOA system on the neck, the ear pads can be removed.

This gives you the opportunity to wear a hat under your helmet.

-Air Evac2 ventilation against fogging of ski goggles

-Hybrid shell construction

-Low Profile Climate Control Regulator

-Nanosilver performance lining

-BOA system for the correct and comfortable fit

-Snap-fit, removable ear pads

-Detachable Eyeglass Clip

-Skullcandy audiocompatible (not included)

Size chart:

-51-55 cm = S

-55-59 cm = M

-59-63 cm = L

-63-67 cm = XL

Brand: Smith

Smith Optics Unisex Adult Variance Snow Sports Helmet

Smith Optics Unisex Adult Variance Snow Sports Helmet

  1. Built with our Hybrid Shell construction, this full performance helmet has received the highest compliment we could hope for-competitor imitation.
  2. The first thing I noticed taking it out of the box is the lack of weight.
  3. The finish on the shell is matt and cleans up very easily with just soap and water.
  4. Although it feels a little weird first it is actually very scuff resistant.
  5. The liner is removable and washable and I had no difficulty taking it out or putting it back in.
  6. The ear pads can accommodate audio pads and are easily accessed with a single zipper that runs around the back of the neck.
  7. The chin strap is adjustable in length and for forward and aft positioning.
  8. Sufficient padding is attached to prevent throat irritations.
  9. Adjusting the helmet to size is as simple as rotating the know on the back of the helmet.
  10. Being in between sizes I opted for the larger size and have ample adjustment to make the helmet fit properly and snug.
  11. Beware if you have longer hair in the back as it has a tendency to get caught up in the rotating knob.
  12. A thin balaclava under the helmet will help with that issue.
  13. The ear pads are positioned in such a way that they cover most people's ears properly when the helmet is snugged on the noggin.
  14. Air flow adjustment is easy with a single slide at he top of the helmet, although it takes a bit of effort to learn where exactly it is on your head.
  15. Once accustomed to it's location it was a breeze to adjust airflow on the go.
  16. Crash padding inside the helmet is well positioned and of adequate thickness.
  17. This helmet is designed to be "really used" only once and although not tested, the lay-out of the foam looks like it will protect impacts from all sides.
  18. It is supposed to self destruct in order to protect the head.
  19. Vents great and with proper adjustment and the right goggles fogging is a thing of the past.
  20. It's nothing short of a nightmare to charge my Outdoor Tech CHIPS BT headphones.
  21. There are way too many products out there that looks great on the photos but feels cheap.
  22. I was never one to wear a helmet before but it is EXTREMELY comfortable.
  23. I am a very cold person and what I love about this is that it it warm and keeps snow out.
  24. While Southern California has been getting these great storms in the mountain I used my helmet all day and was kept warm and dry.
  25. Also when it started to heat up and get warm the vents works great!<
  26. According to that I should wear a medium, but a large fits perfect.
  27. I discovered that the Smith helmet fit my head better than my old Giro.
  28. I also bought the Skull Candy ear phones and they work well too.

Buy here $71.66 - $230.00

2018 Smith Variance Helmet Review Thehouse.Com

One of Smith's most popular products, the Variance offers a combination of advanced technology, casual styling, and attractive price

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