Springfree Ground Anchor Trampoline Floor Mount

Springfree Ground Anchor Trampoline Floor Mount

The ground fixture for Springfree trampolines ensures that the trampoline stays safely in the wind and does not fly away. 2 ground anchors are included and should also be sufficient for all Springfree models, only for the largest model, the S155, 4 ground anchors are recommended.

-Trampoline floor mounting

-Holds forces up to 900 N stood

-Material: powder-coated steel

-Long: approx. 38 cm

-Scope of delivery: 2 ground anchors

-For the S155 4 are needed

Shipping information:

-The goods will be shipped 3 days after receipt of payment.

XDP Recreation Ground Anchor Kit

XDP Recreation Ground Anchor Kit

  1. Compatible with any four-legged XDP Recreation steel swing set and many others, the anchors both prevent your play set from tipping when kids swing and prevent play sets from being shifted during strong winds.
  2. Includes ease of assembly instructions, four 10 inch long auger style anchors and all supporting hardware.
  3. Fastens securely to metal swing set legs for safe and strong lock down of your swing set, trampoline or other patio furniture.
  4. They do stick up out of the ground, so when mowing, be careful, not to mention running around with the kids.
  5. Had to screw anchor in ground first and then hook the chain so you could adjust the tension.
  6. The clasps and chain do not work to hold down a swing set at all.
  7. Just auger through the holes for best use, the rest is useless.
  8. Extra grounders are a plus, also never know if you get one with your swing.

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Trampoline Accessory Springfree Ground Anchor


Springfree Trampoline Ground Anchor helps to safely and securely anchor your trampoline to the ground. It's especially handy if you CC

Pure Fun Heavy-Duty Trampoline Ground Anchor Kit: Galvanized Steel U-Shaped Wind Stakes, 12 x 2-1/2-Inches, Set of 4

Pure Fun Heavy-Duty Trampoline Ground Anchor Kit: Galvanized Steel U-Shaped Wind Stakes, 12 x 2-1/2-Inches, Set of 4

  1. The stakes attach easily to your trampoline at the base of each leg by hammering the flat welded surface into the ground with a rubber mallet.
  2. The tapered ends go into the ground effortlessly and hooks help prevent stakes from backing out during adverse weather conditions.
  3. Just as important, the wind stakes are removable when needing to move or take down the trampoline.
  4. Just pull the stakes back out of the ground, if necessary you can use a crow bar or hammer to loosen the stakes from the ground, and then when ready just hammer back in when the trampoline is settled back in its place.
  5. This kit will keep your outdoor trampoline from flipping or moving during adverse weather conditions, providing everything you need to keep your trampoline secured to the ground.
  6. The installation and use of this kit does not guarantee your trampoline will not be damaged by wind or other severe weather nor does it affect the trampoline warranty.
  7. Many factors influence the effectiveness of this product including soil types and proper installation.
  8. If using this product in sandy or loose soil or in a high wind area it is recommended you purchase and use two Wind Stake Kits as well as taking other precautions including, but not limited to, disassembling trampoline during times of inclement weather.
  9. But our back yard has a field behind it, and get SUPER windy back there.
  10. We lost our first trampoline even with one set of stakes in it, so we wanted another set to really keep it in the ground.
  11. I like that the ends have that spikey shape that look like they might help keep it on the ground.
  12. After losing our last trampoline in a small tornado, I was hesitant to purchase another.
  13. But we got the girls a 15' trampoline for Christmas along with these anchors.
  14. Seriously - TWO DAYS after putting up the trampoline, we got tornado force winds.
  15. These stakes have held our trampoline down and they were sturdy enough to pound into our hard ground with a sledgehammer and not destroy them.
  16. These are nicer and designed better than another brand out there that we tried and returned.
  17. Once unpackaged I knew these stakes were heavy duty and were long enough to really dig deep into the ground.
  18. The length gives me a peace of mind in the event of a storm.
  19. The Four held well and the Trampoline is still in place.
  20. I bought these to hold our trampoline down in the even of heavy winds.
  21. So far we haven't had any heavy winds so I'm not sure what will happen.

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