Stuf Ice Skates Blade Protector Skid Pad Black

Stuf Ice Skates Blade Protector Skid Pad Black skates

With the skid protection by Stuf you can protect the sharp-edged skid of your skates from external influences. In addition, this reduces the risk of injury during transport.

-Skid protection

-Material: Plastic

A&R Sports Figure BladeGards Skate Guard

A&R Sports Figure BladeGards Skate Guard

  1. They feature drain holes for excess moisture and an adjustable strap to fit all size figure skates.
  2. Plastic is firm but not stiff - has a little bit of rubbery-ness to it to facilitate bounce / walking / cushion against banging into hard things like floors or corners.
  3. Took some time and persistent effort with a set of kitchen scissors and a Swiss army knife but these cut cleanly and nicely to size.
  4. But that color is no longer acceptable by my middle school aged daughter.
  5. So I bought the next least expensive colors and got a pair in Mint and another in Neon Pink.
  6. My daughter originally had originally talked me into a more expensive pair (changes colors mom!) and within less than 4 months, they wound up missing out of her skate bag, which we discovered when she needed to put them on at a competition.
  7. Over the week, we have searched for the missing pair at the ice rink and haven't found them (I use a Sharpie to write initials onto the guards, since so many of them look identical).
  8. They are definitely more difficult to put on than the more expensive pair, but once you figure out the technique (put them on starting in the back, slide to the front while maintaining pressure to keep them on the blade) it's not so bad.
  9. I was able to purchase the two pairs of skate guards for less than we paid for 1 pair of the other ones.
  10. I'm sure it won't be long before the first pair we are using disappears as well.
  11. I love the color but it's slightly duller than the picture (at least for the mint.) It arrived quickly too, which was a bonus!
  12. When I reread the product description I was delighted to find out that it could stand up to most surfaces, which will make it much easier to put my skates on in the car and not waste fifteen minutes at the rink.
  13. Overall it's great and very sturdy, but if you have kids who will bend it, it's very flexible and won't break.
  14. Please keep in mind that this is my first set of blade guards so look at the other reviews and research yourself before you buy anything!<
  15. If I can, I'll update this with pictures of my skates in the skate guards!<
  16. I ended up attaching command hooks and rubber bands to the product.
  17. Comment (can you comment?) if you want me to post a tutorial!<
  18. The strap could be moved along the guard accommodating different sizes of blades.
  19. There is a canal for the melting ice and also holes for the water to get out and the blade to dry quickly, but made so smart that it pose no danger to the blade even if you make jumps on cement.
  20. The are semi-transparent with lovely purple color and there is some sparkling dust inside.
  21. I’m still going to use them but I wish they were longer.
  22. I have a really hard time keeping them on my skates as I walk.
  23. They are a little loose and it’s very easy for one to fall off.
  24. I may go back to using my husbands hockey skate version of these because they were longer and stayed on better.
  25. I didn't have any issues with the rubber loop piece getting dislodged or anything.
  26. You can also cut out the extra plastic on the back if it's too long without having to worry about measuring it incorrectly.
  27. Would definitely recommend, it also helps that it is cheaper than other guards.
  28. Pretty self explanatory on what they are and how to use them.
  29. They're not something you can snap on while on the ice or one handed.

Buy here $5.99

A&R Sports Blade Cover

A&R Sports Blade Cover

  1. When stored, they protect your equipment from sharp blades.
  2. They are available in over 20 colors, including prints and come in 3 sizes to fit both hockey and figure skates.
  3. For those that have questions on which size to buy, here is a pic that might help.
  4. The small fit my daughter's youth size 13 figure skates snugly.
  5. And the medium was just right for my women's size 6 figure skates.
  6. I’ve recently tried ccm and will be switching to red soon after I buy new skates.
  7. Still need to wipe off blades before putting these on, otherwise blades will rust (not reason for 4 star rating).
  8. My reason for 4 star rating is that my son's (the hockey player skating several times a week) are getting a hole in them already and he's only been using them 1/2 a season.
  9. So for frequent use, you will need to replace more often.
  10. Should've gone with black or a darker colour, because the black from the foam/ rubber flooring at the rink makes the pink ones look grubby.
  11. I was surprised because from the description I thought they'd be bigger (potentially too big).
  12. I did want to mention if you're new to skating that you'll want to make sure you wipe the blades after use to keep them rust-free long term!
  13. These have been excellent for keeping my daughter's blades in great condition so far.
  14. I am so happy with these blade covers because they are thick, well-made, and fit perfectly!
  15. Will probably order a little bigger next time since these just fit the current skates and won't fit the next pair.
  16. Her skates is the Lake Placid Summit Girls Adjustable Ice Skate.
  17. Attached the size chart to help you decide which size you need.
  18. Daughter like it, they are matched to the skates inside color.

Buy here $6.99 - $14.00

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