Superfeet Trim To Fit Hot Pink

trim to fit hot pink

The insole which keeps your feet warm, the Trim to Fit Hot Pink for ladies of Superfeet. This insole is specially designed for your winter footwear and provides extra cushioning and stability and, with the Thermo-Foil and AirWeave material for a regulation of the temperature
– Equipped with Agion Antibacterial Treatment
– Trim to Fit: Cut the sole in for the right fit
More about Superfeet Insoles:


Orthotics, by two doctors developed for hikers and athletes more than thirty years ago that his Superfeet. These insoles provide a lot of extra lateral support by fixation of the heel bone. The patented heel cockpit fat under the foot can not leave and walk back in a natural cushioning. It also helps the heel shell to wrap your foot. Naturally off The sole is treated with an antibacterial agent to prevent. Unpleasant odors The Superfeet come in many different models, each identified by its own color. The different models are for base types and type what you want to wear shoes. They

Users of Superfeet insoles have reduced a large number of complaints have been reported such as heel spur, shinsplints (shin splints), nodules (hallux valgus), cramp under foot, burning sensation under the ball of the foot, black toenails, blisters, swollen ankles, bone growth on the heel bone, or on the side of the foot pressure point on the big toe and hip, knee or back problems.

Superfeet especially supports the heel bone causing over- pronation (inward tilt of the foot) is reduced. This will allow the arches the opportunity to function as intended by nature.


Generally people have their feet and legs allow some time to get used to the extra support Superfeet gives. The Superfeet Green insoles provide the most support waadoor we recommend the first 5-10 days the soles to wear when running 20-30 minutes. 2-3 hours per day When you use them for the first time ever, do so during a long walk or running training.
The other models Superfeet normally have a shorter adjustment period. Some users experience little or no change in the use of Superfeet, others can sometimes feel slight twinges or stabbing in the shin, knees, thighs, hips or lower back. If this is the case, we advise you to get to the sole of the shoe and use the next day. Again Normally, these symptoms disappear within the above adjustment period. Keep the soles uncomfortable after taking into account the aforementioned adjustment period, then go back to your dealer for inspection. Feet and the size of the sole
We offer an unconditional 60 day money back guarantee.


An average of 18-24 months, depending on the use and the quality of the footwear in which they are worn. Superfeet insoles can be cleaned with warm water and mild soap.

Superfeet makes several models to improve. The fit and comfort of different types of shoes
Super Feet’s different models are designed with as a starting point the model of the shoe and the amount of volume in the shoe.
For example: a mountain shoe has a lot more volume and a model other than a dress shoe. With this as a starting point, we recommend to use high volume shoes as storage, work and boots. The green soles It reduces the volume in the shoe and the shoe is closer to the base.


Choosing the right sole also depends on the volume of the foot. A full foot with high instep is probably the most helped by low volume insole as blue or black, even in a high volume shoe. Last but very important part, it is necessary to look at the arch, the foot is very flat for select blue or black, it has a reasonable arc then you can try green.
It is the right combination of foot and shoe. To get the perfect fit you can also use socks, Tonque depressors * and * Volume reducers.
Look at the cup size chart for more information about the right size choice of Superfeet insoles

Brand Name: Superfeet

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