Tecnica Mach1 130 MV Ski Boots Orange / Blue

Tecnica Mach1 130 MV Ski Boots Orange / Blue ski boots

You feel at home on the black slopes, then the Mach1 130 is your new best friend.

His Flex of 130 is nothing for beginners or scaredy-eyed. Because this ski boot model is the purest weapon. You will hardly find a more direct force transfer. Its MV (Medium Volume) offers you with the 100 mm last a good mix of sporty and comfortable Fit.

The fit is reinforced by the high-quality liner again extremely.

The thermoformable microcell material makes the liner to your personal fit wonder. The shaft is very light and stable thanks to Polyether Rear Spine with carbon insert.

-Men's ski boots

-Terrain: High Performance

-Flex: 130 (hard)

-Last: 100 mm (MV)

-Soles: ISO 5355

-Liner: Ultrafit Pro CAS Liner

-Shaft: Polyether Rear Spine w. Carbon Insert

-Buckles: 4 Micro Full Alu Lift Lock

-Powerstrap: 45mm Full Contact Strap

-Canting: Double Oversize Canting Screwed

-Shell: polyether (Quick Instep)

Brand: Tecnica

Tecnica Mach 1 130 Mv Ski Boots


https://www.skis.com/Tecnica-Mach-1-130-MV-Ski-Boots/473816P,default,pd.html The Mach 1 130 MV from Tecnica makes a great

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