Therm-ic Power Gloves V2 Heating Gloves Black

Therm ic Power Gloves V2 Heating Gloves Black gloves

The human body reacts to icy cold with unpleasant cold pain.

To prevent this effect is a corresponding protection and dam of high importance.

The Powergloves by Therm-ic let you feel a new kind of comfort.

A special heat source stimulates the blood circulation of your body, which increases your well-being.

The Powergloves are equipped with a lightweight lithium-ion battery.

This can be regulated by pressing a button in 3-heating stages.

An optimal heat distribution is ensured by a Primaloft insulation. The heated gloves cover a DRYZONE membrane which makes the Powergloves waterproof and breathable. In addition, the zippers are water repellent and protect the battery from unwanted moisture penetration.

The leather-covered palms give you a firm grip and a safety strap can be easily pulled over the wrist.

With a drawstring closure on waistband and regulation tape on the palm of your hand you can optimize the fit of the Therm-ic glove.

The batteries provide warmth for about 10 hours when charged. After that you can charge it via USB port on the notebook.
-Unisex Heating Gloves
-Scope of delivery: 1 pair
-Lithium-ion batteries
-Fit: Faustling
-Primaloft insulation for optimal heat transfer
-DRYZONE equips the gloves with a breathable and waterproof membrane
-Water-resistant zippers
-Handy palm
-Drawstring closure with flexible wristband
-Safety strap
-Lithium-ion batteries extremely light and barely noticeable
-Deliver up to 10 hours of warm -3-heating levels selectable by pressing a button
-Battery pack with USB charger
-Mains charger not included
-Material: 40% leather, 40% polyester, 20% polyurethane
-XS = 7.5
-S = 8
-M = 8.5

Brand: Thermic

Never Be Cold Again With Therm Ic’S Products

Heating systems for ski or outdoor activities: gloves, socks, insoles. Thermic’s products are proved to provide warmth. Keep Warm

Therm-ic SmartPack RC 1200 with Remote Control Boot Heaters 2016

Therm-ic SmartPack RC 1200 with Remote Control Boot Heaters 2016
  1. You can use three different heat settings at the push of a button by using the universal remote control.
  2. Comes with an impulse control that stimulates blood flow.
  3. As the blood flows it will help keep your feet nice and toasty.
  4. Features: Extremely short charging time, A Must Have for Skiers with Diabetes or Raynaud’s.
  5. I researched various product reviews online and went with this one because they were getting the best reviews hands down and I was desperate to get up on the mountain again.
  6. Comfortable Performance foot beds inside my boots with a strong and easily adjustable heat control clipper to the outside and a thin cord attaching the two that I never felt while skiing.
Buy here $350.00

Thermic Mens PowerGloves IC 1300

Thermic Mens PowerGloves IC 1300
  1. With a high-tech interior, therm-ic power gloves provide up to ten hours of heat, even in icy cold conditions.
  2. The mobility of your fingers remains unaffected, and your grip firm.
Buy here $240.95

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