Union Contact Pro Snowboard binding 2016  Titanium snowboard bindings

Powderlines, kicker jumps or slopes action, with the Contact Pro you get a closer feeling to your snowboard. Gigi Ruf`s "Go To" Union bond. It offers you a very good fit and comfort for almost every snowboard boot on the market.

The Contact Pro is one of the lightest snowboard bindings ever produced. Equipped with a lower profile, which gives you more board feeling and a more natural board flex. Extruded aluminum heel cups, Contact Pro high backs, 3D molded multi layer straps and magnesium buckles ensure a comfortable and firm stand in the binding.

The Contact Pro is for savvy freestyle riders looking for a powerful bond with a surf-like feel.

TOP! -Disc: Mini Disc, compatible with 2x4, ICS Channel

-Scope of delivery: 1 pair

-Flex: Medium

-Weight per piece (Large M / L): 720g

-Baseplate: Duraflex ST

-The Duraflex ST Baseplate is one of the lightest on the market, but without sacrificing power and stability.

The low profile, reduces the distance between boot and binding, and allows you more board feel and a natural flex behavior.

Thanks to Duraflex material, the baseplate is perfectly reinforced at the most important points.

The rest is fully equipped with steaming EVA.

This construction is extremely robust and optimally steamed.

-Heelcup: Extruded 3D Aluminum

-Extruded aluminum has the property of being extremely robust, super light and of course stainless. Via the heelcup you can also set the effective length of the binding individually via 2 screws.

-Highback: Asymetrical Contact Pro

-The noble highback design was personally designed anded by Gigi Ruf.

This promises that the backs will work very well in every terrain and follow your movements. The whole thing is rounded off with EVA reinforcements on the inside as well as on the highback top.

-Adjustability: Shift on the Fly

-With the easy-to-use Shift on the Fly system, you'll be able to customize your Forward Lean, tool-free, and customize your individual riding style in seconds.

-Ankle Strap Technology: Sonicfuse

-The 3D molded straps are made up of multiple layers so they can adapt to your boat shape. Thanks to multi-layer strap core technology, the pressure is evenly distributed on the boot prints, which requires power transmission and protects against stressful pressure points.

-Toe Strap: Universal Cap Toestrap

-The 3D molded and tool-free adjustable strap can be strapped to your toes, as a classic as a toastrap over the foot prints or as a capstrap.

-Buckles: Magnesium

-The in-house Magnesium Buckles by Union are durable, durable and keep your boat firmly in bondage.

-Damping: Multi Density EVA Bushings

-The baseplate is completely steamed from top to bottom with EVA, especially at the heel and in the ball area.

This optimally absorbs large and small impacts. In addition, the EVA makes the binding very comfortable and comfortable.

Large Size Chart: Shoe Size (EU / US) -M / L = 40.5-44 (EU) = 8-11 (US)

-L / XL = 43.5-48 (EU) = 10.5-14 (US)

Union Contact Pro Snowboard Binding - Men's Black Medium/Large

Union Contact Pro Snowboard Binding - Men's Black Medium/Large

  1. At only 720 grams and 5% contact, your board will ride and flex the way it was designed to.
  2. With a 5/10 stiffness ratiing, the Contact Pro can handle all types of riding, from the handrails in the streets, to 20km into the backcountry.

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