Viking Unlimited Fold

unlimited klap

Tube Polyamide Material Bracket Plastic

The Viking Unlimited Bang is a great skate for the recreational skater and provides additional support through the semi soft boot. A clap skate with a unique tube of a high quality plastic and stainless steel. To reduce maintenance to a minimum includes the folding mechanism of ball bearings, springs and fasteners made ​​of stainless steel.
An inner shoe breathable antibacterial and dual density foam for optimum fit and comfort. The soft sole allows for easy entry.

Specifications of the Viking Unlimited Bang:

Chassis: Plastic blow

Material v.d. Tube: Polyamide

Material v.h. skating language: Martensitic chromium steel, stainless

Thickness v.h. skating language: 1.2mm

Confirmation skating language: Injection molding

Height: 35mm

Bracket: Plastic folding mechanism

Brand Name: Viking

Tube Polyamide Material Bracket Plastic

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