Voile Splitboard Interface

Voile Splitboard Interface Splitboard accessories

The interface for your splitboard. You need this for the ascent and for the descent with your splitboard. You can place the interface anywhere on the splitboard.

The universal interface fits splitboard manufacturers like Burton, Jones, K2, Nitro and Salomon.
-1 Puck Alignment Guide
-4 pucks (new design)
-2 parallel slot disks
-2 In-line Slot Discs
-4 Rubber Puck Gaskets
-8 M6 x 12mm Pan-head Mounting Screws
-8 T-nuts (6mm) for binding mounting
-2 slider tracks
-2 slider pins w / leashes
-2 touring brackets
-2 Touring Bracket Pin Guides
-6 M6 x 10mm Touring Bracket Screws
-2 Dual Climbing Heel Pads
-2 Climbing Heel Shims
-2 55mm Climbing Wires
-2 75mm Climbing Wires
-4 M6x16mm Climbing Heels Screws

Brand: Voile

Voile Unisex Split Kit DIY

Voile Unisex Split Kit DIY
  1. Turn any snowboard into a backcountry gem with the Voile Split Kit.
  2. This package includes all the hardware, Universal Slider Tracks and Slider Pins, and step by step instructions to safely split your board–you provide the saw, cajones, and ingenuity.
  3. The Split Kit works with nearly any binding and board combination.
  4. To be completely honest, we did not have any faith that this would actually work.
  5. After watching many videos of other people successfully using this kit to transform their snowboards into split boards we decided to give it a try.
  6. We do NOT have a garage or even a semi useful work space.
  7. We live in a super small apartment and completed this project in our bedroom.
  8. Since then, the board we transformed has been on countless adventures throughout Colorado and has worked like a charm.
  9. Everything fits together well and the board feels plenty secure when completed.
  10. I highly recommend you go on youtube and do a search for the Voile Split Kit video by John Horn., it was invaluable for assembly, the directions that come with this are pretty weak.
  11. Also, it would help if you have some mechanical abilities and decent tools.
  12. I’m not saying you need to be a master carpenter to use this kit but you’d better have a bit more hands on experience than helping your momma hang a picture or two.
  13. With all this extra hardware being added it adds a bunch of extra weight.
  14. I’m making this one for my wife and I still use the one I made over 4 seasons ago.
  15. I live in Breck, CO and have used mine over 150 times and still going strong.
  16. Straight forward directions with some room for your own interpertation.
  17. I have used the set up twice since I purchased it and it lives up to the expectations.
Buy here $127.96

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