X-Bionic Man Energizer MK2 Men’s Underpants Black / Red

X Bionic Man Energizer MK2 Mens Underpants Black / Red function washing

Your Koper responds to strong temperature changes with high energy consumption, which translates to the cost of performance.

Thus, the body must defend against heat accumulation as well as cold shock with a high intensity.

The special X-Bionic "37 ° C CCR-Technology" supports your body in the regulation of the body core temperature.

Thus, "saved energy" is available for athletic performance.

For a comfortable fit, the men's underpants with a 3/4 length elastic waistband. The Mid Compression has a stimulating effect on the muscles and ensures a snug fit.

Through a "3D Bionic Sphere System" dries, cools and warms the underpants at specific points of the body. In addition, the "Energizer MK2" consists of 70% high-quality Skin NODOR in which an inorganic bacteriostatic agent is incorporated.

This reduces bacterial growth and reduces odors.

For optimum stabilization of the knee provides an "ExpansionKnee", which also holds the insulation in the bent state upright. Especially in the area of ​​the back of the knees it quickly sweats, resulting in undercooling.

Through the use of an "AirConditioningSpot" is the sweat? processed using a net knit fabric at this point.

With the X-Bionic underpants you experience a comfort of the new generation.

The high-quality material compositions cool when you sweat and donate warm when you are cold.

-Men's Underpants

-Elastic waistband

-Dries, cools and warms in specific places.

-Mid Compression snug fit, stimulating effect

-SKIN NODOR reduces the formation of odors, reduces bacterial growth

-Two-Step Front 3D Bionic Sphere System provides optimum grip and climate comfort.

-ExpansionKnee stabilizes the knee joint and preserves the insulation

-AirConditioningSpot at the back of the knee processed by sweat

-Material: 91% polyamide, 5% spandex, 4%Polyprophylene

-Technical composition: 70% Skin NODOR, 21% Polyamide, 5% Elasthane, 4% Mythlan

Brand: XBionic

X-Bionic Energizer MK2 Pants Long MEN

X-Bionic Energizer MK2 Pants Long MEN

  1. Durch Vergr_¤erung der Funktionsfl_chen verbesserte Thermoregulierung des K_rpers mit der 37Á CCR Technology(TM).
  2. An der Frontseite oberhalb der Leiste mit Two-Step Front 3D- Bionicsphere¬ System sorgt fÙr optimalen Feuchtigkeits und W_rmetransport.
  3. Expansionknee(TM) h_lt beim Beugen die Isolationsfunktion aufrecht.
  4. Perfekt auf der HÙfte gehalten ist die RÙckseite mit der Verdoppelter Aufnahmefl_che 3D- Bionicsphere¬ System am Stei¤bein ausgestattet.
  5. Airconditionspot(TM) in der Kniekehle sorgen fÙr wirkungsvollen Luftaustausch.
  6. Very comfortable and breathable and the patterns are very stylish.

Buy here $104.56 - $163.38

X-Bionic Energizer MK2 Long Sleeve Running Top - SS17

X-Bionic Energizer MK2 Long Sleeve Running Top - SS17

  1. Self-adjusting cuff - Keeps the shirt from slipping up or constricting.
  2. One of the main issues when running is the amount of sweat you generate, and the top counters this problem in a number of ways.
  3. The main way of tackling sweat is the 3D Bionicsphere system which effectively and efficiently wicks away the sweat from your body and transports it away.
  4. Sweat traps are used as a way of speeding up the transportation.
  5. From a comfort perspective the self adjusting cuff and the Expansion ribs are a great way of utilizing maximum movement and gaining maximum performance levels so you can reach your goals without being worried about distraction or irritation from the top.
  6. The yarn used creates the freedom of movement due to its elasticity.
  7. Air conditioning channel is a ventilation system of channels that flow around the body, continuously carrying away moisture and warmth.
  8. It allows air to flow to body regions not normally accessible by fresh air circulation.
  9. This is useful when the top is worn as a second layer underneath a jacket or waterproof coat.

Buy here $100.13 - $139.25

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