X-Bionic Man Energy Accumulator Evo Men’s Shirt Charcoal / Yellow

X Bionic Man Energy Accumulator Evo Mens Shirt Charcoal / Yellow function washing

Discover the wearing comfort of a new generation.

Focusing on performance-enhancing details, the "Energy Accumulator EVO" shirt was created, which increases physical performance through compression and cooling.

The X-Bionic round-neck shirt dries, cools and warms at specific points exactly when the body needs it.

An air-conditioning channel ensures permanent air circulation and associated moisture removal on the skin.

This system is located in the area of ​​the chest as this zone is considered to be effective and quick to condition. For a pleasant cooling, the 3D Bionic Sphere System is designed for high physical effort.

This was attached to the chest as well as the back area and prevents cooling while at the same time the Auskuhlungsrisiko.

Also on the Stei? Bein is this where it specifically targeted the running sweat? absorbs and evaporates to the surface leads.

This prevents wound healing.

The AirComPlex system on the upper abdomen protects important nerves of the organs which affect the well-being. So it cools when they sweat and warms them when they freeze. By using Air Guides, the circulation takes place optimally and has a powerful effect on winter use.

As an insulation layer, the ISO-Shoulder repels invading cold and provides optimal protection against the over-cooled outerwear. In addition, sweat traps under the arms prevent the sweat from trickling and cool effectively.

The elbow pads which are called "expansion ribs" allow the high elasticity resistance-free movements and make sure that the elbow is not auskuhlt despite high Kalteeinflusse. During the development of the "Accumulator EVO" the SKIN NODOR technology was used.

This reduces odors and significantly reduces bacterial growth. By high compression you achieve a noticeable increase in performance as well as the reduction of muscle vibrations.

This creates an improved supply of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles.

-Men's functional shirt

-Crew neck

-Dries, cools and warms in specific places.

-High compression for increased performance

-SKIN NODOR reduces the formation of odors, reduces bacterial growth

-Air-conditioning channel ensures permanent air circulation as well as moisture removal

-3D Bionic Sphere System provides cooling without risk of chilling, in the chest area as well as the back area

-AirComPlex Zone on upper abdomen

-Air Guides

-ISO-Shoulder forms oneInsulation layer, cold defense

-Sweat traps prevent the churning of sweat and cool

-Expansion ribs are elbow pads with high insulation effect, resistance-free movement sequences due to high elasticity possible

-3D Bionic Sphere System on the Incisor Prevents Wounding

-Material: 90% Polyamide, 7% Polypropylene, 3% Elastane

-Technical composition: 90% Skin NODOR, 7% Mythlan, 3% Elastane

Brand: XBionic

X-Bionic Evo Long Sleeve Round Neck Base Layer Top

X-Bionic Evo Long Sleeve Round Neck Base Layer Top

  1. The X-BIONIC ENERGY ACC EVO SHIRT MEN is a functional shirt with which the company X-BIONIC further refines the regulation of body temperature during sports.
  2. The specially developed parts of the X-BIONIC ENERGY ACC EVO SHIRT MEN can do much more.
  3. The high compression through the X-BIONIC ENERGY ACC EVO SHIRT for men provides for further positive effects of this functional underwear for the athlete.

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X-Bionic Energy Accumulator EVO Base Layer Top

X-Bionic Energy Accumulator EVO Base Layer Top

    Buy here $163.35 - $211.04

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