X Bionic Outdoor Unisex Trekking Socks Pearl Gray socks

The X-Bionic products offer you a wide range of functions, including the X-Socks Outdoor.

These unisex trekking socks are the perfect companion for hiking and in the mountains. Designed for challenging hikes on and off the beaten track.

The X-Bionic X-Socks Outdoor perfectly complement the functionality of a sporty trekking shoe or half-high mountain boot.

While X-Cross bandage and toe protector protect the feet from injury, an air conditioning system ensures pleasantly dry feet. At each step, the Traverse AirFlow Channels under the sole pump moisture and the AirConditioning Channel out of the shoe.

When discharged fresh air is sucked in.

This creates an optimal climate, the foot? stays dry and resistant to blistering.

-Scope of delivery: 1 pair

-Material: 42% polyester / 37% nylon / 19% polypropylene / 2% elastane

-Active fret

-X-Cross Bandage

-Air Guide

-AirConditioning Channel

-AirFlow Knochelschutz

-AirCool Stripes

-Toe protector

-Anatomically shaped right-left footbed

X-Bionic XQ2 E Acc Summer Light Arm Warmers

X-Bionic XQ2 E Acc Summer Light Arm Warmers

  1. The new X-Bionic Energy Accumulator Arm's XQ-1 White / Anthracite arm warmers fit everything.
  2. Your arms remain powerful and optimally tempered even on cooler days.
  3. Active and X-Impact Technology for a perfect fit and improved muscle work without constricting or restricting.

Buy here $55.05 - $122.05

X-Bionic Spyker BQ-1 calf guards black/orange

X-Bionic Spyker BQ-1 calf guards black/orange

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