X-Bionic Run Energizer Unisex Sports Socks French Blue

X Bionic Run Energizer Unisex Sports Socks French Blue socks

The Run Energizer model by X-Bionic are functional socks for running or trail running.

They combine pleasant wearing comfort with a sporty support. It helps you quasi actively with your sportive achievements and to improve them.

The asymmetrical toe protector steams pressure and adapts perfectly to the asymmetry of the toes. Equally practical is the active waistband, which adapts to every leg circumference without slipping or cutting.
-Scope of delivery: 1 pair
-Material: 82% Nylon / 13% Polypropylene / 5% Elastane
-Smart Compression Zone
-Active fret
-AirConditioning Channel
-AirFlow Knochel Pads
-X-Cross Bandage
-Rist protector with AirCool Stripes
-Toe protector / toe protector
-Anatomically shaped right-left footbed

Energizer Weatheready LED Lights

Energizer Weatheready LED Lights
  1. Folds for easy, compact storage, with an integrated handle for convenient portability.
  2. Delivers the just-right light you need with 3 light modes (high, low, and night light).
  3. Take the reliable brightness of Energizer Handheld Flashlights with you.
  4. No problem: Keep your lights going with the long-lasting power of Energizer.
  5. Be ready in an emergency with Energizer quality and reliability.
  6. No batteries to replace, always ready to shine – the Energizer Weatheready Compact Rechargeable Light makes the ideal emergency flashlight.
  7. Larger than I expected for the price, 9-1/4″ tall including handle, 7-1/4″ not including handle.
  8. The handle rotates 360° to position the lantern at any angle.
  9. There’s also a hook that unfolds from the bottom (not shown in description photos) to allow you to hang it upside down, to illuminate a tent or hang from a tree branch.
  10. You can tell it is made by a battery company, because they took the effort to design it to use either 3 AA batteries (lighter weight for hiking), or 3 D batteries (longer lasting for camping).
  11. The weatherproof switch requires moderate pressure to push through 4 stops: 100% bright, 50% bright, dim amber, and off.
  12. The dim amber really looks like a little candle inside the dome.
  13. I look forward to using this for after-dark fitness walks this winter.
  14. Only con in my opinion is the “bluish” color of light it puts out.
  15. I prefer 2700K LED bulbs for household use, this one looks to me more like 5 or 6000K.)

    Photos: one is in full bright mode showing bottom hook deployed, the other in amber mode.
  16. The LEDs are just driven by the three batteries, through a series resistor.
  17. As a result, its power (and hence LED brightness) is highly sensitive to battery voltage.
  18. Battery Voltage” chart for details)

    According the package I received, the lantern should produce 160 lumens of light at High mode.
  19. I find that hard to believe, because it requires a light efficacy of 160 lumens per watt, which sounds too good to be true.
  20. I find that hard to believe, since the lantern body is made of very cheap plastic with rough edges.
  21. So I filled my kitchen sink with water, and submerged the lantern in it.
  22. To my horror, air bubbles started escaping throughout the lantern: top, bottom and middle.
  23. Now there’s still some water trapped inside my lantern.
  24. I really don’t see how Energizer can call this lantern ‘Waterproof’.
  25. On the positive side, the LED lantern does work with either three D cells or three AA cells (using the included AA-to-D adapter).
  26. So in case of emergency, I can always find some batteries to run it.
  27. Overall, I found this Energizer lantern to be barely acceptable, hence the 3-star rating.
  28. He accompanies me to the coop daily to check on “his” chickens and close them in for the night.
  29. We had to get something with this type of handle so he could carry it in his mouth and shine the light in the correct direction.
  30. He is a very good boy but sometimes drops the light and kicks it around with his nose to pick it back up.
  31. The light has been used at least once daily for about a year and a half.
  32. It has been dropped numerous times on both rocks and cement (from golden retriever height) and still works fine and is still on the first set of batteries.
  33. Definitly worth the money, Bouncer gives this a 5 paw ratiing.
  34. There is NOTHING in the listing or on the packaging that says that the bulbs and the batteries are not included.
Buy here $19.97

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