X-Bionic Ski Carving Silver X-Socks Women’s Black / Violet

X Bionic Ski Carving Silver X Socks Womens Black / Violet Ski socks

Benefit from all-round protection like a pro.

The "Carving Silver" were developed taking into account the different loads of a skier.

The main focus was on the heat retention capacity and the optimal pulse reproduction.

With the X-Socks a perfect connection between foot succeeds and ski boot.

The X-Socks have a Sinofit construction. You benefit from optimal moisture permeability -the feet remain dry and always air-conditioned.

The silver content in the fabric leads to a high silver ion density directly on the skin. This counteracts unpleasant foot odors, dampness and fungus.

The outer layer of "Carving Silver" consists of Mythlan and SilverNODOR.

This combination ensures constant contact of the skin surface with the oxidation-free and naturally germ-destroying silver material.

This removes germs and bacteria from the nutrient soil and frees the skin from excess skin cells. Various protectors in the area of ​​the calf, the tibia and the toes are used to dampen sensitive areas. This relieves the musculature and avoids painful pressure points.

The anatomically shaped Sinofit footbed ensures perfect protection on hard surfaces. In addition, the feet gain in stability and stability.

An X-Cross bandage stabilizes the sensitive ankle without reducing the freedom of movement. In addition to the AirConditioning Channel on the lower leg, a Traverse AirFlow system in the foot sole ensures continuous air circulation. By an optimal balance between humidity and warmth you enjoy a great wearing comfort. The socks complete with an active waistband. It adapts to every leg circumference and does not stand a chance for nasty slides or cords.

With a slim design, the X-Socks adapt to the female shape of the foot.
-Ladies ski socks
-Scope of delivery: 1 pair
-Optimal fit through active waistband
-Sinofit construction: against fungus, foot odor, moisture
-Calf and shin protector
-X-Cross Bandage: Stability for the Knoch
-Heel protector: damping of friction, reduction of bladder risk
-Toe protector: protection against blisters and soreness
-Toe Protector: Padding and Toe Protection
-Anatomically shaped Sinofit footbed
-AirConditioning Channel forAir circulation
-Traverse AirFlow Channel System: Ventilation system for the transport of warmth and moisture
br12> -Material:
-Material Composition: 50% Nylon / 21% Merino Wool / 14% Polypropylene / 7% Silk / 5% Polyester / 2% Elastane / 1% Metal Silver
-Technical Composition: 26% Robur / 24% Nylon / 21% Merino Wool / 14% Mythlan / 7% Silk, 6% SilverNODOR / 2% Elastane

Brand: XBionic

X-Socks Ski Carving Silver Snow Socks

X-Socks Ski Carving Silver Snow Socks
  1. First they come in narrow size ranges, which means you can have a sock that fits.
  2. It conforms very nicely to your foot, including giving some support in the arch area.
  3. So far, have held up very well over the first season of skiing.
Buy here $28.59 – $127.86

X-Socks Ski Carving Silver JUNIOR Blue Marine-Cobalt Blue

X-Socks Ski Carving Silver JUNIOR Blue Marine-Cobalt Blue
  1. They are the secure connection between foot and ski boot and for cut sharp turns.
  2. Climate regulating materials as well as upholstery and distance zones have been incorporated, which protect the foot 13 times optimally.
Buy here $33.07

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