X-Bionic Ski Control 2.0 Unisex Ski Socks Anthracite / Gree

X Bionic Ski Control 2.0 Unisex ski socks Anthracite / Gree Ski socks

The composition of high-tech materials such as Robur and Mythlan, the X-Socks ensure optimum power transfer to the ski and perfect protection of the foot through optimal air exchange.

With the Control 2.0 you will experience a technology of the next generation.

With different protectors you are protected from the shin to the toes all around.

The damping of shocks reduces pressure points around the leg and relieves the strain on the muscles. In addition, especially sensitive areas such as the Achilles tendon and toes, the reduction of pressure through padding enjoy. The X-Cross bandage covers the ankle like a protective hand and provides it with added stability.

The high wearing comfort is also optimized by a special AirFlow ankle protection. Your foot? is from now on in an anatomically shaped footbed and is evenly ventilated and air conditioned with the help of the AirConditioning Channel. By using high-tech yarns, the feet remain dry and bacterial growth is significantly reduced.

The Control 2.0 conclude with an active waistband which prevents slipping or snapping. An air guide effectively and continuously supports air circulation.
-Unisex ski socks
-Scope of delivery: 1 pair
-Optimal fit through active waistband
-Air-Guide for continuous air exchange
-Calf and shin protector
-AirFlow Knochelschutz
-X-Cross Bandage: Stability for the Knoch
-Heel protector: damping of friction, reduction of bladder risk
-Toe protector: protection against blisters and soreness
-Toe Protector: Padding and Toe Protection
-Anatomically shaped foot
-AirConditioningChannel for air circulation
-Traverse AirFlow Channel System: Ventilation system for the transport of heat and moisture Material:
-Material composition: 35% polyester / 34% polyamide / 20% polyacrylic / 9% polypropylene / 2% spandex
-Technical Composition: 35% Polyester / 20% Xitaloft / 20% Nylon / 14% Robur / 9% Mythlan / 2% Elastane

Brand: XBionic

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