X-Bionic Ski Junior Children’s Ski Socks Turquoise / Yellow

X Bionic Ski Junior childrens ski socks Turquoise / Yellow Ski socks

In the "Ski Junior" a child-friendly design meets high quality features.

An all-round protection for feet and lower legs with permanent moisture regulation ensures a lot of fun in the snowy season.

The X-Socks have an active waistband which allows a secure fit without slipping or unpleasant cords.

Through an AirConditioning channel a permanent air exchange can take place. In addition, an AirGuide serves as a spacer so that the circulation runs smoothly and effectively. From the shin to the tips of the toes, the sock was provided with various protectors.

These steam for a shock and protect against pressure points.

On the other hand, they relieve the muscles without restricting the freedom of movement.

The X-Cross bandage settles over the entire ankle and stabilizes it.

While the heel protector also protects the sensitive area and reduces bladder risk. Your foot? lies on the anatomically shaped footbed, which is supplied with air by the AirConditioning duct. Moist and overheated air enters this channel and simultaneously heats the foot. By using high-tech yarns, the feet stay dry and bacterial growth is significantly reduced.

-Children ski socks

-Scope of delivery: 1 pair

-Optimal fit through active waistband

-Advanced Foot Protection System: perfect foot climate

-Calf and shin protector

-AirFlow Knochelschutz

-X-Cross Bandage: Stability for the Knoch

-Heel protector: damping of friction, reduction of bladder risk

-Toe protector: protection against blisters and soreness

-Toe Protector: Padding and Toe Protection

-Anatomically shaped foot

-AirConditioning Channel for Air Circulation

-Air-Guide for continuous air exchange

-Traverse AirFlow Channel System: Ventilation system for the transport of heat and moisture Material:

-Material composition: 45% polyester / 32% polyacrylic / 20% polyamide / 3% spandex

-Technical composition: 45% Pneumaloft / 32% Xitaloft / 12% Nylon / 8% Robur / 3% Elastane

Brand: XBionic

X-Bionic Energy Acc. Shirt Long JUNIOR

X-Bionic Energy Acc. Shirt Long JUNIOR

  1. It keeps the optimum body temperature in the comfort area around 37 Á C, whether it is welding sweat in the snow, cold training on the ice skating or skiing and snowboarding and waiting at the ski lift.
  2. The JUNIOR version is meticulously adapted to the anatomical requirements of children and adolescents, and despite the fact that it has the core functions as with the 'big ones'.
  3. It absorbs tiring sweat and ensures optimal moisture and heat transport.
  4. The Underarm Sweattraps¬ / large welding traps under the armpit cool extremely effectively.

Buy here $83.55 - $172.35

Eurosocks Junior Ski Supreme Socks, Tailored For Children, Padded, Flat Toe Seams, Micro Supreme Warmth-0412J

Eurosocks Junior Ski Supreme Socks, Tailored For Children, Padded, Flat Toe Seams, Micro Supreme Warmth-0412J

  1. Every style is engineered with technical sport-specific features with patented fibers developed through years of research.
  2. Our advanced knitting techniques brings together spandex and sport-specific technical fibers with a patented interlocked diamond pattern providing the ideal fit and support you expect for challenging environments.
  3. Reduce Injuries
    Over the calf ski socks stimulate better blood flow to your feet to help reduce injuries; Plantar fasciitis, shin splints, calf cramps, pulled muscles, Achilles and heel cup issues, blisters and blood pooling.
  4. Lightly padded at the stress points to promote comfort and support, eliminate abrasion shin and foot stress from the rigidity of ski and board boots providing winter athletes support and comfort in the most extreme skiing environment.
  5. Better Performance
    Perform better, recover faster, and boost your performance, socks designed with the winter athlete in mind, your feet and legs will thank you.
  6. EUROSOCKS never outsourced, compression experts since 1998, Arcos is the manufacturer of great sock brands like Sox, Travelsox, Vitalsox, Caresox, and Worksox, Made in Italy.
  7. Ski Supreme Junior socks, from Italian sportswear and compression garment company Eurosock, is proportionally tailored for little feet.
  8. The socks are equipped with an innovative padding system to protect the shin, heel, and forefoot, ensuring comfort and eliminating friction on the ski slopes.
  9. An elasticized arch band and ankle brace, smooth toe, and flat knit construction hug kids' legs for a wrinkle-free fit, and support without adding bulk.
  10. We have to cut all the tags off of her clothes or she has a complete meltdown!
  11. The socks I normally buy wouldn't be warm enough, so, I took her shopping locally for thicker, warmer socks with no success.
  12. I read the reviews on these socks and thought: "what the heck, I'll give them a try".
  13. She loves how they feel, she loves how the look, they kept her toes super warm on our ski trip, and I am one happy momma.
  14. Gentle padding in the feet, good stretch, good height, nice colors, good quality.
  15. I could have fudged it because the sock does actually fit okay, but I didn't want to run the risk of discomfort or bunching since we plan to ski a lot!<
  16. My 3 year old refused to take them off and ended up sleeping in them.
  17. They are on the pinkish side, i expected more of a red color.
  18. I got a different pair for my 8 year old and he wears 13 US size - xx-s was good for him.
  19. US foot size - 3 year old, there is a bit of room at the toe so i think they will last us at least one more season.
  20. I was worried about sizing, but the ones i got seem to work well.
  21. However, it shouldn't be so hard to offer clear instructions for the right size.
  22. After reading several reviews and answers to questions I ordered an x-small pair for my 8 year-old with a size 1 shoe.
  23. He's not a fan of anything higher than his ankles, but he plays soccer and will snow ski as well.
  24. These are the softest and most padded socks on the inside I've ever seen.
  25. They are well made, and definitely provide protection to the most used areas of the foot and leg.
  26. I looked everywhere for thermal socks for snow skiing, but I'm so happy I found these.
  27. Havent wear them yet (we are going on a trip to Patagonia in a month), however, I wanted to leave a feedback regarding sizing, because for me is EXTREMELY RELEVANT, when it comes to buying on line.
  28. We've washed and worn them quite a few times (two boys) and they have held up great.
  29. I bought them for down hill skiing but both of my boys liked wearing them with tennis shoes or boots because they were so comfortable.
  30. Hell, the size we bought for our 7 year old didn't fit our 3 year old.
  31. Only down fall is dont wash this as often, but still helping with the compression job it was bought for.
  32. Fit right and provide enough cushion for little fit to stay in the ski boots all day.

Buy here $7.54 - $20.00

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